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UMANIMAL live stage version

came up in a residency in tanzhaus nrw, where we stood infront of the chalenge to bring the kinesthetic short film UMANIMAL to a stage version. We used the sound worked together with Britta Tekotte to to aim towards the game with distance and clossenes and intimacy that the camera allows in the short film version.

Premiere: 22. and 23. of April 2022 in tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf

We are weird beings as what we call humans. What does it mean to be human?

Let´s take the secure pole away for a minute of answering the question: "Who am I? What am I" with the easy answer: "A human.", and instead, open up more questions:

What is a human? Just another animal inbetween all the species? Aggressitivity, sexuality.

Or a mere transition to technologie? Gestaltung and selfdefinition.

Under whitch parameters do we understand „a human“?

Who sets the parameters?

What do I have to be in order to be considered as an human? Why?

For whom are the „human rights“ written? Do they apply to me as much as to other humans?

Is „a human“ something universal?


„Menschen ragen aus ihrer Umwelt hinaus, aufrechter Gang. Reflexion dieser Ferne ermöglicht Nähe, Intimität. Ein nacktes Selbst, ausgesetzt, ekstatisch. Wir sind draußen mehr oder genauso drinnen wie innen. Das sind Sinneswahrnehmungen die intim werden können.(...) Erkundet euch ohne berühren, berührt euch durch die Sinneswahrnehmung. Kreiert ein sensibles Raumfeld zwischen euch.“ - Alexander Ernst, Dramaturgie

„In this work, I’m thinking about selfsitivity, selfsuality, self softness, intimacy, masturbation, eroticism. I’m thinking about the body becoming text and the movements becoming sounds weaving in and out of each other. I’m thinking about being a complicated image in a complicated body traveling through dance with an open heart and a critical mind. For me it is investigating how we can be interhabitants of a supporting system to each other as an act of resistance and rebellion of todays individuality and find care in places we don’t usually look for it.“ - Brigitte Huezo, Performer

Performance: Brigitte Huezo and Greta Salgado Kudrass Choreography: Greta Salgado Kudrass

Dramaturgie: Alexander Anthony Ernst

Soundperformance: Britta Tekotte

Costume: Brigitte Huezo and Greta Salgado Kudrass

Dramaturgical Outer Eye: Phillip Schaus

Consiglieri: Claudia Andrea Campusano Farias

Photography: Ezequiel Angeloni

Video Dokumentation and Trailer: Maurits Boettger

With the support of:

tanzhaus nrw

Gefördert durch ein Künstlerstipendium im Rahmen der NRW-Corona-Hilfen

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