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is a dance piece about encounter and confrontation. The encounter when women braid their hair, the encounter in a fight with fists, the encounter from the dancers with the music, the encounter from two cultures and their perspectives, the encounter of the body of mountains sliding into each other. SINP'A moves in the tension field between cooperation and opposition between different identities and opens up the physical confrontation as another option to celebrate life.

SINP’A is a work with direct, physical and frontal contact braided with the sensorial-, rational- and spiritual dimension of human condition.

Premiere: 16.10.2020 in tanzhaus nrw, Germany

.DENCUENTRO is a dance collective Greta co-founded together with Amanda Romero and Constanza Ruiz in 2018. Since then their work diggs into the meeting point between the andine cultures of Southamerica and the cultural perception from the more western territories of perception.


in Double Bill with Kalimarimba Musikgroup

16. and 17. July in Cologne

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