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In my training we will part from the space where flexibility, strenght, cardio and technique meet to built the safest space where we can challenge our body. In this space we will welcome pleasure as a way of conecting with our bodies and a way of keeping this conection to keep in touch with our wishes and our limits,  practising consent and respect with ourselves and the other bodies in space. In this aware- and listening mode we will practise to get a sense for our own limits preventing injuries and harm and getting to know ourselfes better in the material that I will propose wich will be inspired in somatic work, getting in touch with the animal we are as humans, and building up on this base to go through a movement flow in the work with the floor with some cardio interventions welcoming exhaustion and ending with some Jiujitsu influences to welcome confrontation and resistance in the respectfull communication with and through our bodies. We will explore and enjoy our glorious bodies in touch with our erotic as a source of knowledge and power as Audre Lorde alivenessly described this source inside all of us. Looking forward to share with you all!

Trains and teaches in the frame of IG Profitraining Cologne, Junior Company Bonn

- Greta Salgado Kudrass

"Sorryless confrontation", Workshop with her dance collective .DENCUENTRO

"We move among different ways of encounter and confrontration enabled by our bodies, thus opening spaces to celebrate these possibilities. Braiding concepts of movement from contemporary dance together with movement phenomena from andine regions in south america will lead us into movement and into different possibilities to celebrate encounter and confrontation and doing so, celebrating life."-.Dencuentro Dancekollektiv


© Ezekiel Angeloni Photography
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